War-torn Allumisia

Along the North Road

Drip… Drip… Drip… Drip… … …

The sound of the giant blood shrine atop the dais, far below the town of Tenstone, accompanied the heavy, tired breathing of five intrepid adventurers and one very battered noble. The cultists of Orcus lay scattered through the chamber in bloody heaps, and the group takes a moment to catch their breath while seeing to the well-being of King Hestavarious III. The king explains how he was overtaken by the cultists in the tunnel, and was seconds away from being a blood sacrifice to the death god. He surmised that the cultists wanted to gain great power through the great sacrifice of a ruler, or perhaps to create a new vessel for their deity to take physical form. Blood continues to drip from the altar and run down the stairs as the heroes escort the king out of the evil chamber and back through the mines.

Back in Tenstone, the king’s small retinue is shocked to see the king returning without the kingsguard, but guarded closely by the five strange adventurers from Esham. The king sent a messenger out to a local temple to send a cleansing team for the shrine to Orcus, and the party decided to wait in the inn for the night before accompanying the king northward toward the capital city, Cyrium.

After a few filling meals in the common room and a good night’s sleep, all the king’s men all the king’s remaining men loaded up the horses and carts and the caravan struck out onto the road. It wasn’t long, however, before the sky began to darken once again, and the ominous red lightning sky returned to haunt the sky above. After a few hours of the daytime darkness, the surrounding wildlife hushed to silence abruptly. A flock of birds burst, startled from the treetops to the west, then a flock erupted from a tree slightly closer. The party had a feeling that something was coming towards them, and assumed defensive positions, only to be charged by a fearsome squadron of strange and savage creatures. Bright red, beady eyes darted about sharply from the heads of two misshapen, grotesquely humanoid rabbits who charged in atop large wolves and lashed about with sharply barbed whips. It took determination and fortitude, but the heroes were able to defeat the bunny knights, with the last straggler being ridden down by the mounted heroes.

The party gains:
300 XP



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