War-torn Allumisia

Back to the Future!

Or, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

With the killer bunnymen dispatched, the caravan continued on the north road toward the city of Cyrium, Capital of Geador. At the appointed time, the red lightning ceiling once again rolled back and revealed a clear, beautiful afternoon sky. It was a few hours after that, however, that Sorrow first noticed through his Arcanist’s Goggles a disturbance in the flux of reality just off to the side of the road, and called a halt. After he had pointed it out, the others were able to discern it clearly, a growing ball of energy steadily increasing in magical density. The beleaguered warriors again prepare for a fight, as Aldric correctly identifies the energy ball as the receiving end of a teleportation ritual. As Korgul approaches to punch the center of the energy sphere, it bursts into a light blue circle, 4 feet in diameter, a hole in the seam of reality – and out flies a surprised old man decked out in mystical robes and accouterments. He is immediately identified as Geadoran High Archmagus Darius Manaborn.

The activation of King Hestavarious III’s emergency transponder apparently reached Darius, who was far to the east at Acyrna, only after a long delay caused by interference from the large number of magical ley-lines the signal had to cross to reach him. He immediately took flight to try and reach transport range of the king to spirit him from danger. In his haste, however, he botched the ritual of summoning, and instead teleported himself to the king’s exact location, which happened to be on the road at that very moment. After a brief explanation of this, Darius conferred with the king and produced a small glass sphere. Upon tossing the sphere ahead up the path, it burst and expanded into a massive portal, the size of the entire road, and the party rode through, into Darius’ private mage tower and magical research pavilion, where they found food, drink, and rest from the travels at the convenient location just north of Cyrium.

In the morning, the group was called to meet the archmage in his audience chamber for a debriefing of their assistance on the king’s journey from Esham. After happening upon Aldric and gathering up Korgul from the dining hall, they gathered into the antechamber to wait for their number to be called. Shadow, being… well.. Shadow-y, decided to paw at the mystical fountain of placid water in the center of the room. Seconds later, Shadow was sucked in to the fountain itself. More seconds later, the rest of the party was pulled into the giant magical singularity formed inside the fountain. Sorrow clawed desparately at the door guard before becoming insubstantial and falling into it himself.

The fabulous five [sic] hurtled through space and time before falling hard into the consciousness of another group of adventurers from the distant past, who had just buried their companion Tomas, a casualty of the great civil war. Before leaving the graveyard, they were assaulted by a lich and his undead minions. Upon his defeat, he tore the graveyard asunder and launched the party into a dank undersewer, where Brug (the brick) decided to pry open a leaky grate, covering himself in human excrement. Carric decided to ghost ahead and scout out the source of the hammering sound they were hearing, whereupon he encountered the arcane workshop of a wizened old man, who instantly recognized Carric’s presence and reacted – violently. The party managed to talk the old man down from flinging fireballs and lightning bolts long enough to approach his workshop, wereupon they rounded the corner to see the old man leveling another staff at them.

At that moment, Carric’s eyes fixed on the object of the man’s hammering – a life-sized metal automaton, deactivated, standing next to a table. Strapped to the table was a defeated middle-aged man who’s eyes widened as he looked back at Carric, and into his strikingly familiar soul. Carric instantly screamed in terror and phased out of existence into a flash of grey ash. The violent reaction then destabilized the rest of the group, who phased out similarly, and the party found themselves again in a formless void of space and time, hurtling downwards once again.

Sorrow, Davian, Keira, and Korgul found themselves falling again into the correct body, and an icy cold washed over them as they were flung from the fountain and back against the walls of the room. As they collected themselves they noticed the absence of Aldric, and heard the sound of a crying child. Around the central pillar supporting the fountain, the group found a small human child, seemingly newborn, who began to grow exponentially before their eyes, to form the exact same human they saw on the table in their timey wimey flashback. Krom Grimrock regained his consciousness and uttered a primal scream into the chamber. After a brief conversation leading to the belief that Krom was indeed the freed soul of Aldric, reborn by the Raven Queen and hell-bent on revenge for his soul and those of his counterparts. Krom lifted his hand to the sky and a wicked black greataxe emerged from the fountain and he snatched it from the air. Wavethorn thought he had found a new master to subjugate, but despaired openly at the feel of Krom’s large fingers wrapped around the hilt. Icy cold, oily water poured out from the fountain over everyone in the room, forming a protective barrier of armor over each of them. Just then, the door to the audience chamber opened….

The party loses:
1x Armored Life Defense Construct, Model 78

The party gains:
Davian: Immunizing Armor +2 (AV46)
Keira: Lifegiving Armor +2 (AV47)
Korgul: Skybound Armor +2 (AV52)
Sorrow: Robe of Scintillation +2
Krom: Armor of Resistance (Necrotic) +2



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