War-torn Allumisia

Boiling Point

On the edge of the woods, just past the outskirts of Cyrium, a circle of jubilant onlookers gathers to gawk as the party eviscerates the corpses of the two young red dragons, and coins go flying everywhere. As the party looks up, the crowd cheers excitedly for them as if they’d just seen an arena match. The crowd to the east parts and a towering dragonborn in gleaming platinum armor steps through with the stance of a predatory cat, then plants his longsword tip down in the soil in front of him, hands resting atop the hilt, and nods at the group with a sure smile on his wide face. The fire on the sword slowly winks out as he looks on expectantly.

Captain Suuhuu thanked and congratulated the party for their heroic dragonslaying, and the crowd continued to cheer in elation. He invited them into town to get them some fresh horses, and the crowd surged, carrying their champions into the central plaza before the city hall administration building. There, Randyun Thorius, Primarch of Cyrium, bestowed ceremonial medals of heroism and valor upon the party, as well as a chest containing 500 gold pieces. He and his wife presented the champions to the crowd and invited them into the hall for the Remembrance Day Feast, now especially to be in their honor, but they never showed up in the great feast hall. Suuhuu instead, by their request, simply led them to a special stables near the west gate and provided them with four fresh new warhorses, powerful steeds to carry them on their mission. He explained briefly the legend of The Watcher of the Northern Plains and how she, Aleczstranza, may have been the Ancient red dragon who accompanied the whelps. The party galloped quickly out the gate, and through the slums (as firefighter teams still struggled to put out the blazes) toward the west.

As they reached the first bridge over the Eastern Vitos, the hideous red stormclouds gathered once again, plunging the landscape into daydark, lit only by distant lightning strikes of red fury. The party noticed shifting shadows and prepared for battle, and rightly so, as a horde of evil hyenas poured forth from one shadow, and a huge undead bear roared and charged from the other. During the fight, Sorrow unleashed a powerful blast from his staff which struck all of the hyenas, but severely damaged Krom at the epicenter of the burst. The bear nearly squeezed Keira’s organs to popping, but she managed to wriggle away just in the nick of time, and the foes were swiftly dispatched. Krom, however, was not OK with Sorrow’s bombardment.

Krom, still in his battle rage with red mist eeking from his pores and through the metal mask, tackled the tiefling from his horse and held him at axepoint with a threat never to strike him in battle again. Sorrow calmly dusted his robes and remounted his horse, then promptly turned and left, heading back towards Cyrium. The group stopped him and questioned his departure, which only led to an altercation once again between Krom and Sorrow (well, and Korgul, but only after Sorrow used him as a weapon against Krom…. wow psions make things complicated, my head hurts). As Sorrow fell from his horse again, and took a sharp executioner’s axe to the chest, he briefly lost consciousness before catching his wind again. With the fight over, he decided to part ways with the group forever. Well, after Davian stopped him and made him give over his share of the reward money from Cyrium.

Red lightning streaked through the sky, casting wild shadows on the faces of Keira, Korgul, Krom, and Davian as they watched the dejected tiefling ride back across the Eastern Vitos and out of their lives.

XP: 500 - Campaign Total: 4000



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