War-torn Allumisia

Defending Esham

After receiving boons from King Hestavarius III, the party followed Guardsman-Lieutenant Eramus Silverstrife to the top floor of the central barracks in Geadoran Esham. There they heard the Guardsman’s plan to reclaim Esham from the unknown assailants. From their vantage in the turret-like top of the barracks building, the heroes got a bird’s-eye view of just how decimated the city of Esham was. The entire West Bank was ablaze, with fiery attackers surging against the guardsmen holding the bridges. The East City was a chaotic riot, but in good shape save for three large flames, the same three areas which Eramus pointed out as he described the tactical situation. The group agreed to strike out towards the southern flamepoint, a blazing lumber mill, under the assumption that easing the battle at one point would allow Eramus to divert extra firepower to the other two sites and win at those key locations as well.

After refusing a bit of firewater from the grizzled Guardsman-Lieutenant, the party struck out at a jog towards the mill, but were halted in their progress as they stepped into the melee massacre that was Main Avenue. Through skillful navigation and numerous displays of cunning and force (a twenty-foot leap, a giant illusory boulder, minor teleportation, etc.), they dispatched much of the mob and stole away down a side alley to reach their destination – a large building wreathed in terrible magical flame. Korgul called off the guards holding watch over the mill, diverting them to assault the northern watchtower, and the group worked their way into the mill from the rear, surprising a group of ruffians and pyromancers. The pyromancers were mostly able to complete their summoning rituals, causing three large fire elementals to burst forth into the fray and attack. Despite the powerful mages, terrifying elementals, and a pair of crazed sniper cousins, the party managed to peaceably subdue the terrorists and left them in the care of a passing guard to bring them to justice for their crimes.

In search of more guards to help bring the incapacitated lumber mill pyro-villains to answer for their crimes, the heroes continued east along the southern avenue to the southeastern gate and watchtower, where five determined guardsmen were barely holding their own against a horde of crazed marauders and fire cultists. Guardcaptain Nilindo refused to abandon his post to apprehend the lumber mill miscreants so as to keep more raiders from entering the city walls. As Korgul worked to erect a stronger barricade across the broken gateway, the rest of the party struggled to find a way to help Nilindo hold fast the breach. Aldric and Sorrow collaborated to conjure a giant spectral dragon atop the watchtower, causing many of the attackers to stop momentarily and consider their assault. To match the dragon, Davian whipped the winds outside the city into a frenzy while Keira wove spirits of elemental fire from the very fireballs being hurled at the city to form an impressive tornado of flame and destruction which completed the look of the young red dragon, causing the majority of the attackers to break rank and flee. The guards, standing in awe at the broken siege, cheered and saluted the heroes. Nilindo was confident that he and Roderick could handle anything after seeing the impressive display, and sent his three other guards to help at the mill.

In Short:

  • Met with Guardsman-Lieutenant Eramus Silverstrife and devised a plan
  • Fought through a massive street battle to reach the mill
  • Cleared dastardly pyromancers out of the lumber mill and prevented a firestorm, all while taking prisoners honorably
  • Saved the eastern front of the siege of Esham


  1. Battle Staff +1 (Eberron p109)
  2. Staff of Psicraft +1 (PHB3 p211)
  3. 1750xp / 5 PC’s = 350xp each



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