War-torn Allumisia

Giant ... slayers?

Crotch-riders of the Northern Plains

As the lumbering crystal golem trudged on towards the southeast, the party faced a dilemma – how to stop a hundred foot monstrosity in its destructive tracks. Surely enough, if anyone was to have a plan, leave it up to Darius’ Dirty Half-Dozen. Working together, the party was quickly able to mire the golem in a swampy field of muck and bring it to its knees to allow Korgul, Krom, and Verik to scale the giant, but not before it released a burst of energy from its core to level a nearby village. Davian attempted unsuccessfully to call the aid of woodland creatures to deliver a rope. Keira distracted the beast through Shadow, and the two athletes (plus Verik) climbed atop the shoulder and entered through an opening within the ear. There they ventured to a central chamber containing a large purple crystal suspended in midair, flanked by five smaller crystals on the floor and five encircling the ceiling.

Verik, unfettered by the lightning which scorched him, pressed on to tunnel an arcane bore through the defense field protecting the crystal core, allowing Korgul to shatter the smaller crystals to painful effect. As the fifth crystal broke, the containment field dropped altogether, and a wave of necrotic energy washed over the landscape. This paled in comparison, however, to the wave released when Korgul and Verik punched and resonated the crystal, respectively. The countryside was leveled for miles and left in a scorched, black ruin. Krom is able to slide down the arm of the temporarily immobilized giant amid floes and tendrils of necrotic fog to rescue Davian and Keira, who were nearly incinerated by the blast. The three then scaled the golem once again to join Korgul and Verik, bruised, scorched, and battered in the crystal chamber, where the crystal hung in the same spot, but exuded a black, oily aura of necrotic energy, now continuing to ooze forth into the countryside.

Keira at this point, while attempting to commune with spirits, noticed the presence of five hungry spirits of death circling the party above the giant crystal. She attempts to communicate with the spectres, only to hear their desire for soul-sucking and life-destroying. The party beat a hasty retreat from the spirits and away down the back of the golem, which was of course, now continuing on its path, now leaving a black trail of death and desolation.

They traveled then to the town of Nambum, in the nearby heartlands of Escardona, to plot out their next move. While in town they sought out the Guild of Mages and paid Sister Selene for open communication with Archmagus Darius Manaburn to report their results. Darius listened to their tale and urged them to teleport back to his tower immediately. Through a hefty sum and the help of another guild specialist, they were sent back to Darius’ tower just outside Cyrium once again.

XP totals should read 4,750.00 at this point.



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