War-torn Allumisia

Hot Tub Death Machine

The door opened, revealing a very confused Archmage Darius Manaborn, who had no knowledge of the temporal properties of the beautiful marble fountain in his antechamber. He answered the party’s questions to the best of his knowledge, through they were somewhat in disbelief at his innocence. He invited them into his personal audience chamber to hold their debriefing and strategic council, while servants brought a hearty luncheon. After a lengthy exposition detailing the guardianship of King Hestavarious III on his flight from Esham, through the trials of Tenstone, and the remainder of the road to Cyrium, Darius thanked them for their service to the crown, and asked if they might be interested in a new duty. He detailed the events which led up to the current situation, including the power surge and shifting of magitemporal ley lines around the long-forgotten city of Myrrth, and the reports of a giant crystalline golem carving a swath of destruction on its path southeast from the desolate city.

With a little convincing, the party agreed to assist in saving the world from this behemoth. Darius provided a number of small gifts to help on the way, including rituals and a special ritual candle for contacting him, as well as fresh horses. The party collected their things and headed out, planning to stop in the nearby capital city, Cyrium, to resupply before heading out on their journey west. After a few run-arounds in the marketplaces and specialized sales areas, the party made their way to the western side of town, where they had dinner and a few too many drinks at a local tavern. They then decided to spend the night in a local inn before heading out. Thus, they found themselves settling in to the luxury suite at the King’s Ransom, just north of the western gate.

Midway through the night, their sleep was interrupted by a cadre of assassins who appeared to be vertically bisected humanoid creatures who bubbled and hissed while fighting with sword and poison crossbow. With the assassins defeated, and Korgul nearly killed by the cleaning cycle of the suite’s hot tub, the group settled down for rest, once again, this time with a dire bear guarding the door.



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