War-torn Allumisia

Giant ... slayers?
Crotch-riders of the Northern Plains

As the lumbering crystal golem trudged on towards the southeast, the party faced a dilemma – how to stop a hundred foot monstrosity in its destructive tracks. Surely enough, if anyone was to have a plan, leave it up to Darius’ Dirty Half-Dozen. Working together, the party was quickly able to mire the golem in a swampy field of muck and bring it to its knees to allow Korgul, Krom, and Verik to scale the giant, but not before it released a burst of energy from its core to level a nearby village. Davian attempted unsuccessfully to call the aid of woodland creatures to deliver a rope. Keira distracted the beast through Shadow, and the two athletes (plus Verik) climbed atop the shoulder and entered through an opening within the ear. There they ventured to a central chamber containing a large purple crystal suspended in midair, flanked by five smaller crystals on the floor and five encircling the ceiling.

Verik, unfettered by the lightning which scorched him, pressed on to tunnel an arcane bore through the defense field protecting the crystal core, allowing Korgul to shatter the smaller crystals to painful effect. As the fifth crystal broke, the containment field dropped altogether, and a wave of necrotic energy washed over the landscape. This paled in comparison, however, to the wave released when Korgul and Verik punched and resonated the crystal, respectively. The countryside was leveled for miles and left in a scorched, black ruin. Krom is able to slide down the arm of the temporarily immobilized giant amid floes and tendrils of necrotic fog to rescue Davian and Keira, who were nearly incinerated by the blast. The three then scaled the golem once again to join Korgul and Verik, bruised, scorched, and battered in the crystal chamber, where the crystal hung in the same spot, but exuded a black, oily aura of necrotic energy, now continuing to ooze forth into the countryside.

Keira at this point, while attempting to commune with spirits, noticed the presence of five hungry spirits of death circling the party above the giant crystal. She attempts to communicate with the spectres, only to hear their desire for soul-sucking and life-destroying. The party beat a hasty retreat from the spirits and away down the back of the golem, which was of course, now continuing on its path, now leaving a black trail of death and desolation.

They traveled then to the town of Nambum, in the nearby heartlands of Escardona, to plot out their next move. While in town they sought out the Guild of Mages and paid Sister Selene for open communication with Archmagus Darius Manaburn to report their results. Darius listened to their tale and urged them to teleport back to his tower immediately. Through a hefty sum and the help of another guild specialist, they were sent back to Darius’ tower just outside Cyrium once again.

XP totals should read 4,750.00 at this point.

New Friends & Old Flames

With the magic storm pressing down, strange creatures moving to intercept them, and an estranged friend riding sullenly away to the east, the party had to make a difficult choice. Still emotionally charged, they fled from the shadow beast swirls, also east, toward a safe haven at the eastern fork of the Vitos River. There they sheltered as the storm ended, and they rested in a shady copse of trees to regain their strength. In the evening, they rose and continued on their mission to the west. Not far down the road, though, Keira suddenly began receiving frantic whispers from the spirits of air. She stopped to listen in and was literally knocked from her horse from the impact of the great spirit calamity she heard. She was then assailed by a strong wave of force from a powerful fire elemental, which soulswapped with her and entered into the Prime Material Plane, casting Keira into a subrealm of the Elemental Chaos, the fire realm of Farafra.

Davian, Korgul, and Krom were a little bit shocked to see Keira replaced by a towering being of pure fire which struck out at them all in turn, and a fierce battle ensued.

Keira found herself on the ground in the middle of a strange town square, and was soon joined by Verik Westcroft, who appeared in a silver flash of spectral ravens and fell to the ground nearby. After brief introductions, the worked together to determine their location and found out (through the help of a local librarian & cataloger) how to transcend the planes and return to the Prime Material Plane. Unfortunately, Keira returned directly above a river, and Verik returned in a tree.

Elemental dispatched and everyone returned, Verik introduced himself to the rest of the party and they all headed west once again, crossing the western fork of the Vitos and passing into Escardona proper. At the first fork in the path the party decided to head into the city of Karka for rest and resupply. The city was flooded with refugees from the ravaged countryside to the west, bringing stories of a giant monster and terrible, terrible destruction of their homelands. The city guard was restricting city entry due to the influx, and the party was forced to register themselves to obtain proper identification papers. Inside the gates, within the hustle and bustle of overly crowded city streets, the party bumped into a priest of the Raven Queen. He offered them a place to stay if but they would complete a few menial tasks in the service of the temple.

Brother Rondo led the group to the western side of town and to the temple of the Raven Queen, a giant mortuary within a cemetery. He asked the group to repair a wall in the lower catacombs where graverobbers had broken in… and been summarily executed by the Duskwatchers of the temple grounds. With a little magic and a little animal labor… and some… juggling? the wall was repaired, and the priests afforded the group a place to rest and a warm meal before they departed for the road.

They traveled to the southwest for the entire night, until the storms came again in the mid-morning – they found a friendly grove and weathered the storm there. The next evening they traveled, and in the early morning happened upon a small farmhouse out by itself in the countryside on a winding, sinuous dirt trail. They stopped to ask if they could stay with the farmer, but the man was far too agoraphobic to even open the door to them. He pointed them to the nearest village, Eastcraft, just a short walk to the west. There they found a quaint little farming village. The single commercial building in town, part-tavern part-inn part-general store part-warehouse, was owned by a shrewd but jovial dwarven proprietor who rented out his upper room to the group for the day (and provided free samples of Eastcraft’s main staple – peanuts).

The party struck out at dusk, now back on a true road, and traveled for days, riding by night and resting during the daily magic storm. They turned back onto the great northern highway towards Myrrth, and after a time began to see a single, lonely mountain rising in the distance. Just before breaking for one last camp, however, they noticed a purple, crystalline sheen to the slopes and…. the mountain was moving.

Boiling Point

On the edge of the woods, just past the outskirts of Cyrium, a circle of jubilant onlookers gathers to gawk as the party eviscerates the corpses of the two young red dragons, and coins go flying everywhere. As the party looks up, the crowd cheers excitedly for them as if they’d just seen an arena match. The crowd to the east parts and a towering dragonborn in gleaming platinum armor steps through with the stance of a predatory cat, then plants his longsword tip down in the soil in front of him, hands resting atop the hilt, and nods at the group with a sure smile on his wide face. The fire on the sword slowly winks out as he looks on expectantly.

Captain Suuhuu thanked and congratulated the party for their heroic dragonslaying, and the crowd continued to cheer in elation. He invited them into town to get them some fresh horses, and the crowd surged, carrying their champions into the central plaza before the city hall administration building. There, Randyun Thorius, Primarch of Cyrium, bestowed ceremonial medals of heroism and valor upon the party, as well as a chest containing 500 gold pieces. He and his wife presented the champions to the crowd and invited them into the hall for the Remembrance Day Feast, now especially to be in their honor, but they never showed up in the great feast hall. Suuhuu instead, by their request, simply led them to a special stables near the west gate and provided them with four fresh new warhorses, powerful steeds to carry them on their mission. He explained briefly the legend of The Watcher of the Northern Plains and how she, Aleczstranza, may have been the Ancient red dragon who accompanied the whelps. The party galloped quickly out the gate, and through the slums (as firefighter teams still struggled to put out the blazes) toward the west.

As they reached the first bridge over the Eastern Vitos, the hideous red stormclouds gathered once again, plunging the landscape into daydark, lit only by distant lightning strikes of red fury. The party noticed shifting shadows and prepared for battle, and rightly so, as a horde of evil hyenas poured forth from one shadow, and a huge undead bear roared and charged from the other. During the fight, Sorrow unleashed a powerful blast from his staff which struck all of the hyenas, but severely damaged Krom at the epicenter of the burst. The bear nearly squeezed Keira’s organs to popping, but she managed to wriggle away just in the nick of time, and the foes were swiftly dispatched. Krom, however, was not OK with Sorrow’s bombardment.

Krom, still in his battle rage with red mist eeking from his pores and through the metal mask, tackled the tiefling from his horse and held him at axepoint with a threat never to strike him in battle again. Sorrow calmly dusted his robes and remounted his horse, then promptly turned and left, heading back towards Cyrium. The group stopped him and questioned his departure, which only led to an altercation once again between Krom and Sorrow (well, and Korgul, but only after Sorrow used him as a weapon against Krom…. wow psions make things complicated, my head hurts). As Sorrow fell from his horse again, and took a sharp executioner’s axe to the chest, he briefly lost consciousness before catching his wind again. With the fight over, he decided to part ways with the group forever. Well, after Davian stopped him and made him give over his share of the reward money from Cyrium.

Red lightning streaked through the sky, casting wild shadows on the faces of Keira, Korgul, Krom, and Davian as they watched the dejected tiefling ride back across the Eastern Vitos and out of their lives.

XP: 500 - Campaign Total: 4000

Remembrance Day

Come morning, the battered party, rested from their overnight assault, and headed downstairs for a luxury breakfast. The innkeeper, feeling sorry for the attack, gave a partial refund of their rent and explained the Remembrance Day Parade scheduled for the morning. As the party finished gulping their meal, they walked outside to see the streets lined with the citizenry and the parade swiftly approaching down the road, replete with guardsmen in shining armor, large flags of Geador, Cyrium, and Remembrance, and headed up by the Captain of the Guard. The captain was an impressive dragonborn in shining platinum mail armor wielding a huge flaming bastard sword and riding a war chariot at the head of the parade.

The group snuck through the crowd to make their way down the road toward their mission objective, only to realize after reaching the gate on foot, that they probably should have brought some horses. They turned to return to the stables by the inn where they had left their mounts, when three large red dragons swept down and rained fire and destruction upon the remembrance day parade. The larger dragon boomed a laugh and told her children to feast and grow, before she flew off. The other dragons, smaller and younger, crashed down into the slums district outside the western wall. The party attempted to ride past them and leave the city to its own defense, but the greedy dragons saw the shimmer of the party’s valuable magic items and gave chase to them all the way to the edge of town, where in a violent confrontation the party was able to defeat both dragons.

The dragons, being young (said Davian), kept their small hoard within their own bodies – as the party beheaded and eviscerated the corpses of the dragons (quite a messy business), bloody gold coins poured from their neck cavities and were scooped up by the party. Krom hoisted the two severed dragon penises above his head in triumph as the crowd began to cheer for the heroes who saved them from the dragons.

Hot Tub Death Machine

The door opened, revealing a very confused Archmage Darius Manaborn, who had no knowledge of the temporal properties of the beautiful marble fountain in his antechamber. He answered the party’s questions to the best of his knowledge, through they were somewhat in disbelief at his innocence. He invited them into his personal audience chamber to hold their debriefing and strategic council, while servants brought a hearty luncheon. After a lengthy exposition detailing the guardianship of King Hestavarious III on his flight from Esham, through the trials of Tenstone, and the remainder of the road to Cyrium, Darius thanked them for their service to the crown, and asked if they might be interested in a new duty. He detailed the events which led up to the current situation, including the power surge and shifting of magitemporal ley lines around the long-forgotten city of Myrrth, and the reports of a giant crystalline golem carving a swath of destruction on its path southeast from the desolate city.

With a little convincing, the party agreed to assist in saving the world from this behemoth. Darius provided a number of small gifts to help on the way, including rituals and a special ritual candle for contacting him, as well as fresh horses. The party collected their things and headed out, planning to stop in the nearby capital city, Cyrium, to resupply before heading out on their journey west. After a few run-arounds in the marketplaces and specialized sales areas, the party made their way to the western side of town, where they had dinner and a few too many drinks at a local tavern. They then decided to spend the night in a local inn before heading out. Thus, they found themselves settling in to the luxury suite at the King’s Ransom, just north of the western gate.

Midway through the night, their sleep was interrupted by a cadre of assassins who appeared to be vertically bisected humanoid creatures who bubbled and hissed while fighting with sword and poison crossbow. With the assassins defeated, and Korgul nearly killed by the cleaning cycle of the suite’s hot tub, the group settled down for rest, once again, this time with a dire bear guarding the door.

Back to the Future!
Or, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

With the killer bunnymen dispatched, the caravan continued on the north road toward the city of Cyrium, Capital of Geador. At the appointed time, the red lightning ceiling once again rolled back and revealed a clear, beautiful afternoon sky. It was a few hours after that, however, that Sorrow first noticed through his Arcanist’s Goggles a disturbance in the flux of reality just off to the side of the road, and called a halt. After he had pointed it out, the others were able to discern it clearly, a growing ball of energy steadily increasing in magical density. The beleaguered warriors again prepare for a fight, as Aldric correctly identifies the energy ball as the receiving end of a teleportation ritual. As Korgul approaches to punch the center of the energy sphere, it bursts into a light blue circle, 4 feet in diameter, a hole in the seam of reality – and out flies a surprised old man decked out in mystical robes and accouterments. He is immediately identified as Geadoran High Archmagus Darius Manaborn.

The activation of King Hestavarious III’s emergency transponder apparently reached Darius, who was far to the east at Acyrna, only after a long delay caused by interference from the large number of magical ley-lines the signal had to cross to reach him. He immediately took flight to try and reach transport range of the king to spirit him from danger. In his haste, however, he botched the ritual of summoning, and instead teleported himself to the king’s exact location, which happened to be on the road at that very moment. After a brief explanation of this, Darius conferred with the king and produced a small glass sphere. Upon tossing the sphere ahead up the path, it burst and expanded into a massive portal, the size of the entire road, and the party rode through, into Darius’ private mage tower and magical research pavilion, where they found food, drink, and rest from the travels at the convenient location just north of Cyrium.

In the morning, the group was called to meet the archmage in his audience chamber for a debriefing of their assistance on the king’s journey from Esham. After happening upon Aldric and gathering up Korgul from the dining hall, they gathered into the antechamber to wait for their number to be called. Shadow, being… well.. Shadow-y, decided to paw at the mystical fountain of placid water in the center of the room. Seconds later, Shadow was sucked in to the fountain itself. More seconds later, the rest of the party was pulled into the giant magical singularity formed inside the fountain. Sorrow clawed desparately at the door guard before becoming insubstantial and falling into it himself.

The fabulous five [sic] hurtled through space and time before falling hard into the consciousness of another group of adventurers from the distant past, who had just buried their companion Tomas, a casualty of the great civil war. Before leaving the graveyard, they were assaulted by a lich and his undead minions. Upon his defeat, he tore the graveyard asunder and launched the party into a dank undersewer, where Brug (the brick) decided to pry open a leaky grate, covering himself in human excrement. Carric decided to ghost ahead and scout out the source of the hammering sound they were hearing, whereupon he encountered the arcane workshop of a wizened old man, who instantly recognized Carric’s presence and reacted – violently. The party managed to talk the old man down from flinging fireballs and lightning bolts long enough to approach his workshop, wereupon they rounded the corner to see the old man leveling another staff at them.

At that moment, Carric’s eyes fixed on the object of the man’s hammering – a life-sized metal automaton, deactivated, standing next to a table. Strapped to the table was a defeated middle-aged man who’s eyes widened as he looked back at Carric, and into his strikingly familiar soul. Carric instantly screamed in terror and phased out of existence into a flash of grey ash. The violent reaction then destabilized the rest of the group, who phased out similarly, and the party found themselves again in a formless void of space and time, hurtling downwards once again.

Sorrow, Davian, Keira, and Korgul found themselves falling again into the correct body, and an icy cold washed over them as they were flung from the fountain and back against the walls of the room. As they collected themselves they noticed the absence of Aldric, and heard the sound of a crying child. Around the central pillar supporting the fountain, the group found a small human child, seemingly newborn, who began to grow exponentially before their eyes, to form the exact same human they saw on the table in their timey wimey flashback. Krom Grimrock regained his consciousness and uttered a primal scream into the chamber. After a brief conversation leading to the belief that Krom was indeed the freed soul of Aldric, reborn by the Raven Queen and hell-bent on revenge for his soul and those of his counterparts. Krom lifted his hand to the sky and a wicked black greataxe emerged from the fountain and he snatched it from the air. Wavethorn thought he had found a new master to subjugate, but despaired openly at the feel of Krom’s large fingers wrapped around the hilt. Icy cold, oily water poured out from the fountain over everyone in the room, forming a protective barrier of armor over each of them. Just then, the door to the audience chamber opened….

The party loses:
1x Armored Life Defense Construct, Model 78

The party gains:
Davian: Immunizing Armor +2 (AV46)
Keira: Lifegiving Armor +2 (AV47)
Korgul: Skybound Armor +2 (AV52)
Sorrow: Robe of Scintillation +2
Krom: Armor of Resistance (Necrotic) +2

Along the North Road

Drip… Drip… Drip… Drip… … …

The sound of the giant blood shrine atop the dais, far below the town of Tenstone, accompanied the heavy, tired breathing of five intrepid adventurers and one very battered noble. The cultists of Orcus lay scattered through the chamber in bloody heaps, and the group takes a moment to catch their breath while seeing to the well-being of King Hestavarious III. The king explains how he was overtaken by the cultists in the tunnel, and was seconds away from being a blood sacrifice to the death god. He surmised that the cultists wanted to gain great power through the great sacrifice of a ruler, or perhaps to create a new vessel for their deity to take physical form. Blood continues to drip from the altar and run down the stairs as the heroes escort the king out of the evil chamber and back through the mines.

Back in Tenstone, the king’s small retinue is shocked to see the king returning without the kingsguard, but guarded closely by the five strange adventurers from Esham. The king sent a messenger out to a local temple to send a cleansing team for the shrine to Orcus, and the party decided to wait in the inn for the night before accompanying the king northward toward the capital city, Cyrium.

After a few filling meals in the common room and a good night’s sleep, all the king’s men all the king’s remaining men loaded up the horses and carts and the caravan struck out onto the road. It wasn’t long, however, before the sky began to darken once again, and the ominous red lightning sky returned to haunt the sky above. After a few hours of the daytime darkness, the surrounding wildlife hushed to silence abruptly. A flock of birds burst, startled from the treetops to the west, then a flock erupted from a tree slightly closer. The party had a feeling that something was coming towards them, and assumed defensive positions, only to be charged by a fearsome squadron of strange and savage creatures. Bright red, beady eyes darted about sharply from the heads of two misshapen, grotesquely humanoid rabbits who charged in atop large wolves and lashed about with sharply barbed whips. It took determination and fortitude, but the heroes were able to defeat the bunny knights, with the last straggler being ridden down by the mounted heroes.

The party gains:
300 XP

The Kidnapped King

As dawn crested the horizon, sending shafts of amber light through the mouth of Lola’s Cave, our heroes (now finally dried out) awoke to find the morning well underway and the road stretching out before them. After collecting and recentering themselves, they loped off down the road accompanied by a spectral panther and a hulking direbear. As they reached the northern fringe of the great forest and passed into the plains, the sky again began to darken menacingly and reverted to the evil red sky that plagued it the night before. Foreboding crackles of red lightning streaked across the surface of the storm, lighting the plane in an eerie, intermittent hue in place of the natural sunlight. And it was under this lovely sky that our heroes reached the old mining town of Tenstone.

At first sight of the town, Aldric sprinted forward, leaving his companions behind in sight of his immediate goal, reaching the king. The banner of King Hestavarious III and Highlord Celedrir were plainly visible above the roofs of the town. Aldric, and later everyone else, passed by a dozen abandoned mining warehouses and refinery buildings on their way towards the banners in the central square. After a mild uproar concerning Lola and Shadow’s presences in the square, our heroes were able to pass through the ranks of guards encircling the leaders of the land and, under a still-crimson sky, met with the king to form a plan of action. The king was utilizing an old mining tunnel which ran beneath the River Vitos as a means for Celedrir to return to Escardona and see to defense affairs about West Esham, as this point was the only possible crossing of the Vitos for miles on end. After shopping at the local smithy for a few well-crafted dwarven metal items, it was time to accompany the leaders down into the Tenstone Tunnels.

West of town, the road ran almost up to the riverbank before splitting off and spiraling into a wide, circular ramp which must have sometime been the first quarry of Tenstone. The base of the tunnel held a bejeweled archway commemorating the wealth of the mines in ages past. The party followed the King’s men through the tunnel, heading west under the Vitos, passing many side passages and old mineshafts along the way. A large underground stream bubbled noisily through the tunnel about halfway through. Eventually, the Highlord and his party were escorted safely to the Escardonian side, and the remainder of the group prepared to make their way back to Geador. With the rear now the front, the adventurers ghosted ahead of the procession to clear the way safely. As they passed by the stream once more, however, all hell broke loose behind them. Dark magicks extinguished all light in the tunnel, plunging them into darkness while the king’s party was assaulted. A wounded dwarf crawled out of a side passage and lit a torch to illuminate the scene of carnage. The kingsguard all lay bleeding on the stone, as well as a few dessicated corpses in dark robes, and the king was nowhere to be found. Upon interrogation of the dwarf, it was gleaned that a cell of death cultists were operating a sacrifice chamber to Orcus here in the abandoned mines and the dwarf had just narrowly escaped during the scuffle, though with a grievous abdominal wound (which was healed out of mercy). The party left the dwarf and dashed in to seek out the king… again.

The side passage twisted and turned, passing deeper into the ground and eventually turned into a smoothed passage with marble floors and regular, though dim, lighting. A spearspike trap managed to slice into a few unfortunate adventurers before being dismantled with Aldric’s silver-inlaid carpentry hammer, and Aldric managed to mostly avoid falling into a spike pit trap hidden below a false floor. Mostly.

The passage sloped downward from the pit and the walls and ceiling began becoming progressively smaller until the group was forced to nearly crawl through an opening and enter the ritual chamber of Orcus. The King was chained to the wall near a bubbling blood altar, and two death priests were chanting ritually to prepare for a great sacrifice. The audience of worshipers turned as the party entered the chamber and a bloodbath ensued. After slaying the cultists (then trying to resurrect one, and then giving up and damning his soul to eternal torture inside the body of Orcus) and freeing the king, Sorrow investigated a few chests of supplies on the altar, finding a bit of treasure and a set of bracers for Keira.

Flame Bracers +1
2 Potions of Healing
550g (iirc)
350xp (iirc)

A Furry Friend
Or, A Boy and His Direbear

Upon their return to the central barracks, the heroes met with Guardsman-Lieutenant Eramus Silverstrife briefly only to find that the King and his entourage had left without them! Eramus thanked the group for their assistance, publicly crediting them for saving the city (well, half of it) and pointed them in the right direction to pursue the king’s group. Before they left, he was also able to inadvertently identify the mysterious figure whom Sorrow sought. “I never forget a deserter,” he scowled, pointing out that this ‘Zane’ character deserted his post in the Esham Guard to leave north with a group of fanatical cultists, who are thought to have settled somewhere near Cyrium, capital of Geador. Sorrow thanked Eramus for the lead, and the heroes bid him goodbye.

The group passed by the governor’s keep, ringed with guards preparing to mount a rescue mission on the hostage provincial governor. Passing by, they expeditiously beat feet to the northern gate of the city. There they were met by a scholarly dragonborn who introduced himself as Hallistair Leer, a special assistant envoy to the king, who apologized for the change in plans. “King Hestavarius III is very sorry he was forced to depart sooner than expected, but royal duties necessitated his escort of Highlord Celedrir, ruler of Escardona to a safe route out of Geador now that the bridges at Esham are inoperable.” Hallistair accompanied the party out of Esham, and as they crested a hill leading out of the town and into the forest a large boom accompanied the demolition of the bridges across the Vitos in Esham. During an extended flight to gain ground quickly and catch up to the King’s party, the party noticed a point of magical light off on the northwestern horizon, which after a flyover by a group of crystal golems, expanded in a wave of magical power. A thick bank of stormclouds quickly expanded across all expanses of the sky and volatile red lightning flashed from west to east. A booming voice that could only be the nefarious archmage Xanben Acidhorn echoed a triumphant cry throughout the land that the Death Warden was released at last.

As the red-streaked sky continued to roil, wildlife ran across the path in all directions. Out of the shadows, a frenzied dire bear charged the party. Well, rather, it charged in the party’s general direction until Shadow’s protective instincts caused it to attack the bear and draw its ire. After a long, protracted battle which left a few adventurers on their backs, Davian found a spirit connection with the frenzied and frightened animal’s consciousness. He resurrected and healed the beast, named it Lola, and she accompanied Davian from then on. The group traveled a short distance to Lola’s cave to rest before completing the remainder of their trek.

Defending Esham

After receiving boons from King Hestavarius III, the party followed Guardsman-Lieutenant Eramus Silverstrife to the top floor of the central barracks in Geadoran Esham. There they heard the Guardsman’s plan to reclaim Esham from the unknown assailants. From their vantage in the turret-like top of the barracks building, the heroes got a bird’s-eye view of just how decimated the city of Esham was. The entire West Bank was ablaze, with fiery attackers surging against the guardsmen holding the bridges. The East City was a chaotic riot, but in good shape save for three large flames, the same three areas which Eramus pointed out as he described the tactical situation. The group agreed to strike out towards the southern flamepoint, a blazing lumber mill, under the assumption that easing the battle at one point would allow Eramus to divert extra firepower to the other two sites and win at those key locations as well.

After refusing a bit of firewater from the grizzled Guardsman-Lieutenant, the party struck out at a jog towards the mill, but were halted in their progress as they stepped into the melee massacre that was Main Avenue. Through skillful navigation and numerous displays of cunning and force (a twenty-foot leap, a giant illusory boulder, minor teleportation, etc.), they dispatched much of the mob and stole away down a side alley to reach their destination – a large building wreathed in terrible magical flame. Korgul called off the guards holding watch over the mill, diverting them to assault the northern watchtower, and the group worked their way into the mill from the rear, surprising a group of ruffians and pyromancers. The pyromancers were mostly able to complete their summoning rituals, causing three large fire elementals to burst forth into the fray and attack. Despite the powerful mages, terrifying elementals, and a pair of crazed sniper cousins, the party managed to peaceably subdue the terrorists and left them in the care of a passing guard to bring them to justice for their crimes.

In search of more guards to help bring the incapacitated lumber mill pyro-villains to answer for their crimes, the heroes continued east along the southern avenue to the southeastern gate and watchtower, where five determined guardsmen were barely holding their own against a horde of crazed marauders and fire cultists. Guardcaptain Nilindo refused to abandon his post to apprehend the lumber mill miscreants so as to keep more raiders from entering the city walls. As Korgul worked to erect a stronger barricade across the broken gateway, the rest of the party struggled to find a way to help Nilindo hold fast the breach. Aldric and Sorrow collaborated to conjure a giant spectral dragon atop the watchtower, causing many of the attackers to stop momentarily and consider their assault. To match the dragon, Davian whipped the winds outside the city into a frenzy while Keira wove spirits of elemental fire from the very fireballs being hurled at the city to form an impressive tornado of flame and destruction which completed the look of the young red dragon, causing the majority of the attackers to break rank and flee. The guards, standing in awe at the broken siege, cheered and saluted the heroes. Nilindo was confident that he and Roderick could handle anything after seeing the impressive display, and sent his three other guards to help at the mill.

In Short:

  • Met with Guardsman-Lieutenant Eramus Silverstrife and devised a plan
  • Fought through a massive street battle to reach the mill
  • Cleared dastardly pyromancers out of the lumber mill and prevented a firestorm, all while taking prisoners honorably
  • Saved the eastern front of the siege of Esham


  1. Battle Staff +1 (Eberron p109)
  2. Staff of Psicraft +1 (PHB3 p211)
  3. 1750xp / 5 PC’s = 350xp each

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