Allumisia is a large landmass which dominates the center of the Taris Ocean. It is roughly bean-shaped, with shallow bays to the north and south, and is cut neatly in half by the River Vitos. Other small islands and atolls dot the coastline, and many large settlements dot the distinct areas Allumisia.


There are numerous varied climates and distinct geographical regions throughout the continent. The east side of Allumisia is dominated by the Rosham Mountains, which stretch upward toward the sky and make the northeastern most areas of Allumisia mainly uninhabited (on the surface), save for the dwarven paradise of Bardeholm, which stretches deep into the roots of the mountain. The River Vitos splits the continent roughly in two halves, and the southern delta of the Vitos is a fertile paradise believed by many Allumisians to be the cradle of all civilization, human, elfen, dwarven, or otherwise. Other features of the continent include Lake Mystuum in the east, Shadowfell Island (previously known as Tremorkin Isle) off of the south-southwestern coast, the desolate city of Myrrth to the northwest (and the blighted lands surrounding it), and many other points of interest.

The Vitos River Delta

Though religious life in Allumisia is varied depending upon one’s deity of choice, all doctrines agree that the city of Knaxranox in the fertile Vitos River delta is the place where divinity touched the mortal plane and gave birth to the sentient races of Allumisia, also known as The First Dawn. For centuries, the powers that be have fought between themselves to control the city, and today a new city rests upon the ancient ruins of Knaxranox, the holy city of creation. The city is revered as holy ground by all, and expeditions into the ruins are frowned upon, if not strictly forbidden. Regardless of the secrecy, the upper city of Tyre is under the protection of the ancient guardians of Knaxranox, making it militarily a highly defensible location. Most major trade routes pass through here, whether landbound, downriver/upriver, or coastal – so although it is not an official seat of government it is considered central to all of Allumisian society.


For the years following the birth of civilization at the First Dawn, the peoples of Allumisia settled in the Vitos Delta for a time, before eventually the strains of society caused groups to splinter into their own societies and leave to form new collectives. Erathis watched over these early pilgrims and aided them, usually unknowingly, to form new nations flung wide across the continent. However, though the races of Allumisia created by the divines were many and varied, racism was not a strong force – most communities formed of an amalgam of various races as opposed to the traditionally-viewed single-race-community. That said, however, it is still true that the forests were heavily populated by elves, the dwarves rushed to settle harsh, mountainous terrain, and so on, but today all races can be found virtually everywhere.

Changes Since the Great War

Ever since the great war of Y.A. 600, the continent has been realigned under the banners of two opposing nations. To the east of the River Vitos lies Geador, a monarchial kingdom by average fantasy standards. To the west, and including the southwestern isles of Allumisia, lies Escardona, the losers of the great war, ruled by a powerful warlord-dictator.

Rulers and Persons of Interest

Cyrium capital of geador
Karka northern escardonian city on the vitos
Batun Stronghold on shadowfell island
Esham Forest central
Segium capitol of escardona
Bardeholm Mountain dwarf in the east


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