War-torn Allumisia

A Town Outside Time

First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

Our adventure begins in the unseasonably warm springtime of Y.A. 721. Travelling north along the Heartline Road in southwestern Geador, a newly trained half-elf druid and his stalwart warforged companion make their way towards the forest town of Esham. Davian, newly trained by the druidic masters at the grove near Lake Mystuum, and Aldric (ALDC-78), his assigned guardian and protector, happen upon a lone tiefling camped along the Hearline Road in mid-morning, and question him as to why one tiefling needed three bedrolls. Sorrow, the tiefling, was perplexed from his apparently wild night and was unsure of who he bedded down with or why they were nowhere to be found. Regardless, they deduced that they had a common destination and decided to travel the road together toward Esham – now with five bedrolls. Aldric attempted to eat a breakfast of trail rations before realizing he did not in fact have a functioning digestive system.

The heroes made small talk as they walked, but the burdening heat soon became too much for Sorrow, his thick, hooded cloak nearly exhausting him completely. The party was forced to take a short rest beneath a shady tree along the path. This, and a few other short breaks delayed their progress. By late afternoon, the three adventurers crested a large hill overlooking a valley and were startled to see a small town which they did not expect to find, according to all of their maps. Heading into the town, there is no sign nor indication of what this town is or where it came from. Townspeople hustle and bustle about, never making eye contact with anyone, except for one lonely drunk in the middle of the plaza who calls out to the heroes on sight, warning them to leave and never return. They converse briefly, but before any answers can be given, a crossbow bolt from across the plaza strikes lovable Whiskey Bob in the stomach. Aldric and Sorrow help ease his passing a little bit, and he rewards you with a curious golden pocketwatch before passing and warning the party to be gone before the bell tolls twice. The watch is pristine and new on one side, yet corroded and worn from centuries of use on the other.

The party is torn, but before they can make a decision to stay or to go, the tall bell tower in the center of town rings out loudly, striking twice. Suddenly, the town is transformed. A shadow passes over the setting sun, leaving the town in a dusky twilight. The buildings suddenly turn from crisp, freshly whitewashed structures into rotting husks of a centuries-old ruin. The townspeople seem to be nowhere to be found, but as the group heads toward the tower and attempts to open the magical lock on the belfry (to electrifying consequences), a group of zombies and rotting dogs (or really big rats?) shamble towards them. The heroes dispatch them easily, and find among the bodies a runed key. Unfortunately, the key does not match the glowing runes on the padlock sealing the tower. At that time, Sorrow hears a noise from the inn across the square and everyone moves to peek in the window. More zombies are standing inside the inn watching the heroes, and the group charges in to do battle with them as well. Fortuitously, these zombies apparently held the key to the keep – well, truth be told, they probably just found it on the bar, but regardless, the group picks up the runed key after dispatching their foes and find a few treasures in the inn before heading back out into the street.


  • A curious golden pocketwatch
  • Three bottles of finely aged wine, vintage Y.A.601
  • One silver piece
  • A beautiful golden flute
  • 240 experience points each



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