War-torn Allumisia

A Town Outside Time, part II

The Heroes Seek the Source of the Corruption

“Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

Earlier in the day, we looked in on the journey of one Keira, a human shaman from the nomadic tribes of the Tachan. Keira was led by her spirit companion on the same road which the party later followed into the dark town, though she passed through a number of hours earlier than the others. She headed straight for the inn for a warm brunch and tried making conversation with the innkeep and the serving girl, to little avail (one was a nonconversationalist, and the other couldn’t remember her name). Keira started feeling fuzzy and foggy as she continued her meal, and eventually staggered from her chair only to be taken by the innkeeper. She passed into unconsciousness as the portly innkeep held a cloth to her face.

“We need to go up.” “We just went up the stairs…?”

Meanwhile, later in the afternoon, our other heroes walked from the inn and watched from 30 feet away as Aldric inserted the newly found key into the magical padlock sealing the bell tower. In the process, he removes his crowbar left there from earlier and triggers the magical trap once again. The lightning burst momentarily deactivates ALDC-78, but he self-reboots after a moment. The heroes head into the tower.
In the foyer, the group is assaulted by a wave of necrotic force, and behind them the door slams shut and fades into the stonework – so much for the only way out of the tower. On the ground floor, they find a strangely well-kept keep with a blazing fireplace on each floor and a spread of food set out onto a table. They notice a couple sewer grates leading down into darkness, a small library where Sorrow picks up a copy of Weird Ways of the Western Orcish Tribes (the other books are written in a strange, unknown script), a chest containing a strange potion (Distilled Butterbush Leaves – a Potion of Healing) and a bag of gold, and a strangely barred room closed in by a bookshelf and a chair. Throwing the objects aside, the group charges in the final room to find a human female passed out on the floor. The revive her, and Keira joins the party.

Continuing upstairs, Davian successfully relieves two suits of armor of their fancy red feather plumes, and Keira summons Shadow, her Panther spirit companion. As Aldric opens the southeastern door, a stumbling corpse swathed in necrotic energy lurches toward him, and at his command another door opens, revealing two very large, very nasty spiders. Though Keira does fall momentarily, and everyone is considerably injured from the spider poison, the party defeats the creepy crawlies (and the zombie explodes in Davian’s face). The zombie was a wealthy scholar of some sort, and his footlocker contains a Content Not Found: robe-of-scintillation-1 and some more cash.

The party continues on up, finding more yummy plumes on two more suits of armor (and another bag of money). Atop the tower, the party encounters two more necrotic nasty walking corpses, this time clad in flowing robes of white. Psion Sorrow unceremoniously dumps one of them off the side of the tower, falling to its doom, and an enormous whirling burst of leaves and fire torches the other into a charred heap. In its cold, dead hand, the adventurers find a crumpled note in what Sorrow recognizes as Draconic. On its cold, dead head, the adventurers find a pair of really cool, blue glasses. Through the glasses, Sorrow detects a fine wire of necrotic energy being beamed into the bell from a warehouse down in the town, and the party considers how to leave this tower with no doors and no windows.

Fun Findings:

  • 70gp
  • Potion of Healing
  • 40gp
  • Robe of Scintillation
  • Arcanist’s Glasses
  • 200xp (each)



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