War-torn Allumisia

Remembrance Day

Come morning, the battered party, rested from their overnight assault, and headed downstairs for a luxury breakfast. The innkeeper, feeling sorry for the attack, gave a partial refund of their rent and explained the Remembrance Day Parade scheduled for the morning. As the party finished gulping their meal, they walked outside to see the streets lined with the citizenry and the parade swiftly approaching down the road, replete with guardsmen in shining armor, large flags of Geador, Cyrium, and Remembrance, and headed up by the Captain of the Guard. The captain was an impressive dragonborn in shining platinum mail armor wielding a huge flaming bastard sword and riding a war chariot at the head of the parade.

The group snuck through the crowd to make their way down the road toward their mission objective, only to realize after reaching the gate on foot, that they probably should have brought some horses. They turned to return to the stables by the inn where they had left their mounts, when three large red dragons swept down and rained fire and destruction upon the remembrance day parade. The larger dragon boomed a laugh and told her children to feast and grow, before she flew off. The other dragons, smaller and younger, crashed down into the slums district outside the western wall. The party attempted to ride past them and leave the city to its own defense, but the greedy dragons saw the shimmer of the party’s valuable magic items and gave chase to them all the way to the edge of town, where in a violent confrontation the party was able to defeat both dragons.

The dragons, being young (said Davian), kept their small hoard within their own bodies – as the party beheaded and eviscerated the corpses of the dragons (quite a messy business), bloody gold coins poured from their neck cavities and were scooped up by the party. Krom hoisted the two severed dragon penises above his head in triumph as the crowd began to cheer for the heroes who saved them from the dragons.



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